Making Hospice Friends from Across the World!

By Seasons | February 23, 2017
Team Illinois was granted a very special opportunity to host a multidisciplinary team from Assisi Hospice in Singapore!

Our visitors had a unique interest in the Seasons Hospice Namaste Care program, as they prepared to take back what they learned to their 85-bed hospice inpatient center opening Spring 2017! A week was filled with ride-alongs with hospice aides to see the program in action–they learned the life stories of four different patients and felt the connection fostered by each of the staff they shadowed. They couldn’t have been more impressed by the care provided, as well as Seasons’ commitment to this very special population of patients.

On the last day of their visit, our visitors presented a painting to our Illinois program. The painting was a picture of a koi pond that is outside the Assisi Hospice building and signifies longevity and good life. The artist who created the painting was a man who had received care from the Assisi team and died on their  hospice program in 2014. The vibrant oranges, blues and greens were especially impressive because the artist painted the piece with his mouth.

The beauty of this visit to Seasons Illinois was not only in learning that hospice translates different cultures, languages, and places, but also in making friends with compassionate professionals from across the world.

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