Making Connections Through Art

By Seasons | November 18, 2019


One of the best things about making a connection can be how surprising it is! When our team director Kim met our patient Elizabeth, Kim knew there was an instant connection. She wasn’t sure if it was her smile that lit up the room or her outgoing personality, but she knew there was something there.

It didn’t take Kim long to discover that the two of them share a love of painting.

When Elizabeth recently went on a trip to Maine (one of her favorite places to visit), Kim was inspired to paint something for Elizabeth. With Maine on her mind, she decided that Acadia National Park would be the perfect thing to paint! To make it extra special, once she finished the art piece she brought it into the office so that the rest of our team could sign it and write Elizabeth words of encouragement.

Kim and her team were able to present this painting to Elizabeth and her family during her recent stay at our inpatient center.

At Elizabeth’s request, they took down the clock from the wall and Elizabeth’s father put up the painting so she could see it from her bed.

This is not the first painting Kim has done for our patients. With each painting she does, she allows staff to write words of encouragement on the back. We’re proud of Kim and of the team members who continually honor the lives and legacies of those we serve!

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