Spiritual Presence Volunteers Nourish Patients’ Souls

By Seasons | October 27, 2017

There are certain prayers and scripture readings that bring me comfort.

Because they are familiar to me, hearing them again and again brings me a sense of calm even in the most troubling of times. Spiritual Presence Volunteers can bring that comfort to those living their last days on this earth.

As a chaplain, my job is to complete an assessment of a patient’s spiritual condition and needs and then coordinate with the hospice team as we provide treatment to meet the needs of our patients.

Just as we treat physical pain, we also must treat spiritual and emotional pain.

This is done in a wide variety of ways, and the Spiritual Presence Volunteer is an important part of that team.

Are you a lay Eucharistic minister? Do you pray the Rosary or other prayers daily? Do you like to read the Psalms or do you subscribe to The Watchtower? Many of our patients are accustomed to reading scripture daily, praying regularly, or going to church and receiving communion on a regular basis. Many of them can no longer do these things for themselves. As a Spiritual Presence Volunteer, you will help bring these great spiritual comforts back into our patients’ lives, easing their fears and anxieties, and help them to experience the peaceful and loving presence of someone who shares their faith. Spiritual Presence Volunteers are requested by the team Chaplain for patients who benefit from these practices but are not in the spiritual crisis or distress that necessitates the counseling a Chaplain can provide.

Our patients come from a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds, and we invite volunteers of all backgrounds to join us. Please contact our Volunteer Department and allow us to match you with a patient who needs the comfort that you can bring.

About the Author: Jordan Dollar is a Seasons Hospice Chaplain at our St. Louis, Missouri site.
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