A Tribute to Laure Gutman

By Seasons | July 06, 2017


At Seasons, we have a focus on specialized programs aimed at serving the needs of the communities we serve. As a part of our Seasons Jewish Services program, we built and maintain a kosher kitchen in our Sinai Hospital of Baltimore inpatient hospice unit.

Our inpatient centers are for those patients who Laure Gutmanneed acute hospice services at the end of life. Unlike other parts of some hospitals, the words “visiting hours” don’t apply at Seasons inpatient centers. Families are invited and encouraged to gather 24/7, and it’s our job to make them comfortable so that they can focus on spending time with their loved one. For the Jewish community in Baltimore, that means a kosher kitchen where they can eat in comfort without having to worry.

Laure Gutman was a wonderful and much-loved member of the Baltimore Jewish and healthcare communities. She was a passionate hospice advocate and volunteer. She had a hand in helping Seasons to open our unit at Sinai, and we could think of no better way to honor her memory than by naming the kitchen in her honor. We hope it provides comfort to many, just as Laure herself did.

To learn more about Laure’s legacy and the program she cared passionately about, watch the Bikur Cholim video below honoring her contributions.



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