Seasons Paves the Way for Music Therapy

By Seasons | November 10, 2016
The first sounds a baby hears in the womb is the rhythmic metronome of their mother’s heart. For those approaching the end of life, it is believed that their ability to hear extends well beyond other sensory inputs. Even when someone is no longer speaking or conscious, they can still feel comforted by the sound of a familiar or soothing song. This is why Seasons offers music therapy at all sites across the country and is proud to be the largest employer of board certified music therapists in the United States.

To further our dedication to Music Therapy, we are honored that Seasons’ own Dr. Russell Hilliard PhD, LCAT, MT-BC, Senior Vice President of Supportive Care and Patient Experience led an all-day continuing education course on “Advanced Practices in Hospice Music Therapy” at the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) national conference this week in Sandusky, OH. As hospices evolve to meet changing demands of patients and their families and respond to increased government scrutiny, hospice music therapists must adapt to a different patient acuity level and adjust their practices to ensure continued financial support.

Music Therapy has been very beneficial for our hospice patients. Music has been clinically proven to help with depression, loneliness, confusion, pain management, and many other symptoms. Seasons music therapists perform patients’ favorite songs, encouraging patients to participate when possible, and even help patients write their own songs. Seasons staff choose soothing music to play to help calm and comfort patients. Music is a wonderful tool that can be used to positively affect both physical and emotional well-being.

Thank you Dr. Hilliard for continuing the charge on the importance of Music Therapy and offering your knowledge and expertise to music therapists nationwide. We are proud to have you on our team!

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