A Night to Remember

By Seasons | February 03, 2017
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Over the years, Chuck and Mary Ann struggled financially and were never able to celebrate their marriage or even treat themselves to dinner at a restaurant all that often. They were always focused on making ends meet, raising their daughter Cristal, and eventually, helping out with their three grandchildren. Even through all of their hardships, Chuck always took time to care for those around him. The Seasons team bought Chuck a shirt for Christmas that said “Crazy Cat Guy” on it, because of all the times he would go out into the neighborhood to feed stray cats. That was just the type of guy Chuck was, always giving what he had to others – even to the stray animals in his neighborhood!

Chuck’s last wish was to celebrate Mary Ann in a way he never had the means to do before. A night she would truly remember for the rest of her life. Mary Radatovich, social worker, and Darlene Miakos, volunteer service coordinator, worked together to solicit donations from local businesses. On November 22, the day of their anniversary, Chuck proudly presented his best friend and partner Mary Ann with a big, vibrant bouquet of sunflowers and lilies, a silver heart shaped necklace that symbolizes their one true love, and a night out at Jimmies Savin Rock for a delicious seafood dinner (Chuck’s favorite!) right on the water.


Mary Ann had never received flowers before and was thrilled by the lovely bouquet. Even when Chuck was nearing the end of life, he was still always thinking of her. She wasn’t ready for him to go, but after getting to spend an unforgettable night with him, she received some closure and memories that will last a lifetime.

November 2016 Designated as National Hospice Month Making Hospice Friends from Across the World!

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